How to Find The Best Home Builders in Vienna VA & Northern Virginia

Finding The Best Home Builders for Your New Home

If you decided to purchase a new home, doing a research on local home builders has to be your number one priority.

Today, many older homes in such Northern Virginia communities as: Vienna, McLean, Falls Church and Great Falls are being replaced by new construction homes. With their small-town feel surrounded by big-town amenities, family friendly neighborhoods, proximity to good jobs and public transportation, it’s no wonder that these suburbs of Washington DC Metropolitan area have become sought-after places to live.

Construction of new homes in these towns is on the move: with over 100 new construction homes currently for sale in a price range of just over $1 million all the way to $24 million and with recorded sales of nearly 100 homes in the last two months.

Regardless of whether you are a buyer who is in the market for a new spec or custom home, don’t skip on doing a research on home builders. Finding the right home builders is even more important for custom-built and build-on-own-lot homes; it’s essential part of the process to interview several home builders before signing a contract.

What you need to know about home builders and how you can go about gathering the information?

Please don’t dismiss the role of the real estate agent during this process. An agent has “inside scoop” and knows home builders’ reputation and quality of work. And if you are looking for a specific location, your agent will help you to identify right lot in a perfect location.

Home Builder’s Reputation

What is the reputation of a home builder with his past clients? The best way to find out is to ask the builder for a list of references. It can be especially revealing to talk with a home buyer whose under-warranty home needed repairs or touch-ups. How did the home builder respond? Was the warranty honored?

In addition, you have to find out:

  • What is the builder’s reputation with subcontractors and suppliers? Ask for a list of subcontractors and contact them.
  • Does the builder pay subcontractors on time?
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed by consumers.
  • Check if the home builder’s license is current.

Home Builder’s Professionalism

  • Ask about the builder’s memberships in professional organizations. Check out National and Local organizations, such as: NHAB and NVBIA  to find out builder’s membership status.
  • Check online consumer resources like Angie’s List or Yelp, or Google Reviews.
  • Does the builder use licensed subcontractors or ready labor?
  • Are the workers skilled professionals?

Business Practices

  • How long has the home builder been in business?
  • Does the builder have a permanent place of business?
  • Does the builder own and develop the land or buy building lots from a developer?
  • Does the builder have a reputation for adhering to budgets and schedules?
  • What are the builder’s marketing and selling strategies?


  • How long has the home builder done business in the local area?
  • Is the builder knowledgeable about local conditions, tastes, building codes and permit process?
  • Here today, gone tomorrow?


  • Ask home builder about insurance coverage relating to their business?
  • Are there any pending legal actions against the builder?
  • Will the builder indemnify the home buyer against subcontractor’s claims?
  • Ask if and what type of Builder’s Warranty will be provided?

Quality of Work

  • Does the builder have a quality control program?
  • Are details finished in a timely manner?

Home Builder’s Experience

  • Ask how long the builder has been in business.
  • How many and what type of homes has the builder constructed in the community?
  • Does the builder have the competence to construct the buyer-client’s desired home?


  • Does it seem like the builder has a long-term commitment to the profession and the community?
  • A builder who has a long-term commitment to the industry and the local community will not tarnish a good reputation by carelessness or mistreatment of client, supplier, or subcontractor.


  • Does the builder specialize in constructing a particular architectural style, concept, price range, or size of home?
  • Does the builder work in a particular subdivision or anywhere?
  • Does the builder target a particular market?

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Bottom Line

If you are on the market for a new construction home and have some questions, please give me a call. As a Certified New-Home Construction Buyer Representative, I will guide you through the steps and processes of purchase, construction, and customization.